We take pride in redefining the trading model by ensuring that our customer’s precise requirements are always met. Always just in time, of course.

We trade in a range of papers from globally and domestically renowned mills, focussing on the packaging industry. The paper rolls are taken to our units, in Chakan and Sonipat, where we maintain ready and large inventories. This lets us customise orders for specific requirements immediately and helps reduce lead times to 1-2 days. This is a unique model in India and has allowed us to build a reputation for being the one to turn to when customer want quick customisations.

Import & Domestic Product Range

Corrugating Grade


  • Virgin Kraft Liners
  • Kraft Top Liners
  • Virgin White Kraft Liners
  • Semi-chemical Fluting

Kraft Paper

  • Sack Kraft
  • Recycled Speciality Kraft (Food Grade)

ITC PSPD Product Range

Corrugating Grade


  • Virgin – Uncoated Vivaa Liner
  • Virgin – Coated Vivaa Liner
  • Recycled – RCT Liner
  • Recycled – Coated High Burst Liner

Carton Board

Coated Virgin Boards
  • Saffire Graphic
  • Cyber XL Pac with back coat
  • Cyber XL without back coat
  • Cyber Premium
  • Carta Lumia
  • Pearl XL Packaging
  • Opus Card
Recycled Boards
  • Eco Natura
  • Eco Blanca
  • Neo White Bliss

Specialty & Graphic Boards

Poly Coated Boards
  • Indo Bev 1 PE & 2 PE
  • Indo Barr 1 PE & 2 PE
  • Indo Bowl
  • Art Maestro (C2S)
  • Carta Persona
  • Safire Graphic Duo
  • Digi Art
Biodegradable Barrier Boards
  • Omega Bev
  • Omega Barr
  • Omega Bowl
Oil & Grease Resistant Boards
  • Filo Serve
  • Filo Pack
  • Filo Bev

Specialty Papers

  • Wrap Well Premium (Slip Easy)
  • Oil & Grease Resistant Papers
  • Anti-Rust Tissue
  • Shoe Wrap Paper
  • MG Poster Paper
  • Hi Brite
  • Perma White
  • Pharma Print
  • Hi Zine
  • Hi Print
  • Superfine Printing
  • Opaque Tissue
  • Alpha Plus
  • Alpha Zap