We take pride in redefining the trading model by ensuring that our customer’s precise requirements are always met. Always just in time, of course.

We import a range of international papers from globally reputed mills especially for the packaging industry. The paper rolls are taken to Works Unisource, our HQ in Chakan, where we process customer orders for our product range.

Corrugating Grades

  • Virgin Kraft Liners
  • Kraft Top Liners
  • Virgin White Liners
  • Semi-chemical Fluting

Packaging Papers

  • Sack Kraft
  • Speciality Kraft (Food Grade)
  • MG Poster Paper

Carton Boards

  • Coated Virgin Boards
  • Recycled Boards

Specialty & Graphic Boards

  • Poly Coated Boards
  • Graphic Boards
  • Biodegradable Barrier Boards
  • Oil & Grease Resistant Boards

Specialty Papers

  • Food Wrap
  • Wrap Well (Oil & Grease Proof Paper)
  • Wrap Well Premium (Slip Easy)

We also handle sales and marketing for leading Indian Paper mills on the basis of either location or products. Our expertise lies in analysing and proving market trends, ensuring efficient logistical solutions and providing credit coverage.